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Before you can sit the Theory and Hazard Perception Test, you will need to apply for a valid provisional driving licence. 

You can start taking driving lessons once you have your provisional driving licence.

You will need to pass the Theory and Hazard Peception Test before you can apply for your Practical Driving Test.

You can book your Theory and Hazard Perception Test online using the link below.


When you have reached the correct safe standard, I will advise you to apply for your Practical Driving Test.

The test is designed to see if you can drive competently and safely in a range of different road conditions.

The test will last approximately 40 minutes. To pass you will need to complete the test without making any serious driving faults.

You can book your Practical Driving Test online using the link below.


Your Practical Driving Test will include a section of Independent Driving.

During this part of the test, you will be asked to drive independently for about 20 minutes, following road signs to different destinations, or you will be asked to follow a series of directions given to you by a pre-programmed sat-nav.

This will prepare you to drive in the real world and be a safer driver.

Theory Test

Hazard Perception Test 

Practical Driving Test

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